Escuelas de Wara Wara

Best community according to my friend Saspo

Saspo, my friend and colleague for 10 years now, whispered to me: Coco, do not tell them anything yet, but you must know that Kamba is the best community that I have ever worked for ( Saspo has built a lot of schools)…
In Kamba, up to last February 15th, they were teaching under a small structure of sticks and zinc because strong winds destroyed the weak mud structure they used to have.
This is a remote village on top of a hill with nearly 1,000 inhabitants. They have been carrying a heavy burden, they have worked for their children like crazy. Children and adults look much happier today. Thank you for making it possible, thank you Joe, my friend, for his donation of 200 bags of concrete for this school here in Sierra Leone, thank you all because you make it possible for us to be here. By the way, Carlos, the architect checked the work and approved it and Mariano came over to get to know our work here. thank you guys!!

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